Does Daily have simulcast?

Is there a way to simulcast a meeting using Daily?


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    Indeed Daily supports sender-side simulcast, we have an API camSimulcastEncodings(),this API allows the developer to specify the target. resolutions and framerates for each of the simulcast streams. On the desktop, laptop or any high power device, the sender can be configured to send three simulcast streams, typically denoted as low, medium, and high quality streams. Conversely, on mobile or low-power devices, the sender can be configured to send two streams, low and high, or low and medium, whatever is appropriate to the use-case and expected network conditions.

    On the receive side, the developer can allow the SFU to estimate the bandwidth and send the appropriate simulcast stream (low, medium, high) to the end user.

    However, what I find really exciting about our simulcast APIs is -- receive settings. WebRTC only supports sending simulcast but not receiving simulcast. In case, the receiver wants to control which participants in a multiparty call are rendered on the screen and control the appropriate level of video quality for each of those participant, they can do this with our APIs. To solve this issue, Daily exposes the UpdateReceiveSettings() API that gives complete control to the receiver to pick which quality stream it wants to receive from a particular participant.