Participant minute breakdown for video/audio-only on the dashboard

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Hi, how can we see the breakdown of participant minutes for video/audio-only on the dashboard? 

In our use case, users communicate most of the time in audio-only mode and turn on screen sharing once in a while. On the dashboard, we can see that both contribute to the pm count, but we cannot see the video/audio-only breakdown. This would be helpful since they have different unit prices.



  • Tamara
    Tamara Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Hi @yamato , please note that the audio-only rate is only applicable in certain use-cases and will be applied after consulting with our sales team first, and only in cases where all calls on your account are audio-only. Screen-sharing is done on a video track, and so calls where screen-sharing happens are considered not to be audio-only sessions. So for your use-case, the regular participant minute rate applies. You will receive the first 10.000 of those minutes free each month.

    We are looking at ways of billing audio-only session with with the audio-only rates as such automatically in the future, and for that purpose I will also write down your dashboard billing notes as a feature request. But again, for those sessions, any meeting that does have screen sharing enabled, or cameras turned on for any duration, the audio-only rate would not apply.

    If you have more questions about audio-only rates, or rates for your specific use-case, please contact our sales team at [email protected].

  • yamato
    yamato Member

    Hi @Tamara, thanks for your reply! Just to clarify, if I want to use screen sharing or video in my app, we can't use the audio-only rate, correct?

    We are looking at ways of billing audio-only session with with the audio-only rates as such automatically in the future

    I really hope this will happen in the near future. Since we really like the quality and volume discount of voice/screen sharing, we were considering switching from Agora to Daily completely. But for now, since we cannot afford the video unit rate for voice communication, we will probably stay with Agora for voice and just switch the screen sharing component from Agora to Daily.

  • tonnibennett
    tonnibennett Dailynista

    Hi @yamato, We are actually about to release this ability. Let's discuss getting it turned on for you. I'll message you directly.