Error using the latest react hooks repo

Hi ,

I just checked out the latest version of the react hooks repo and I get the following error after pressing the "Click to start a call button":

Uncaught TypeError: callObject.isDestroyed is not a function




  • kwindla
    kwindla Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    If you inspect (in the debugger, or print it to the console) callObject just before hitting that error, what does it show?

  • Daniel808
    Daniel808 Member
    edited May 2023

    callObject is not defined


  • Bump. I have the same `Uncaught TypeError: callObject.isDestroyed is not a function
    ` issue, and I'm getting the callObject is not defined as well. @Daniel808 did you get a solution?

  • Spoke too soon. The react repo uses these versions of the daily tools:

    "@daily-co/daily-js": "^0.38.0", "@daily-co/daily-react": "^0.7.1",

    Upgrading to 0.46.0 and 0.10.0, respectively, and deleting node_modules/package-lock and re-running npm i && npm run start did fix it for me.

  • daily_joey
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    edited June 2023

    @mschultz some quick clarifications:

    • Do you see the same "callObject is not defined" when inspecting the call object?
    • Do you have a code snippet you can share that is triggering the error?
    • Can you confirm what version of daily-js and daily-react you're using?

    EDIT: looks like I missed your second message! Glad that updating the versions got things working. We will make sure to update the demo.