Weekly Update: Here to help

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited May 2023 in Announcements

🌊 Hi!

I love it when questions get asked in the forum because it highlights all the cool things being worked on, and also how ready everyone is to help each other out. 😍

💫 In that spirit, let’s give a shout-out to the engineers who are sharing their knowledge this week on peerConnection: 

🖥️ On Wednesday, @Jon is leading a technical webinar on interactive live streaming, followed by live Q&ASign up here.

⚛️ The Daily React Component Library has been out for just a week now. Have you given it a try? If so, please share your feedback and questions, and @christian can follow up with you.

⚙️ The first demo to make use of the new Prebuilt Integrations API will explain how to add Miro whiteboards and CometChat messaging to a video callIf you try it and get stuck,  @Lazer can provide additional guidance.

and of course…

🙋 If you have feedback about peerConnection, you can share it here or send me a message. 

I’ll see you in the forum!