What is VCS?

In the context of Daily, what does "VCS" mean?


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    hey @mindchatter VCS stands for Video Component System.

    It's Daily's video-oriented layout engine that can be used to create layouts, known as "compositions," which turn Daily calls into highly customized live streams or engaging recorded content.

    For more common video layouts and graphic applications, Daily offers the VCS baseline composition. The baseline composition is VCS's default collection of layout and graphics features that work together and are easily accessible with a unified JSON-based control interface. It is available through daily-js and react-native-daily-js via the live streaming and recording APIs. The baseline composition allows developers to quickly modify their video feeds with a comprehensive list of layout, text, and image options.

    there's a lot of info to process 👽️ but this is a good place to start: https://docs.daily.co/reference/vcs/core-concepts