Start expire time counter after owner accept partecipant


Hi, i apologize for my english level, it's not so good. :(

I notice that the expire time counter starts immediately after the user has knocked.

If the owner delays to accepting the request, the problem is that meeting duration for partecipant is less than the time set by expire.

Ex. Expire time sessione after 15 minutes.

Partecipant knocking and owner accept request after 5 minute.

Partecipant session expire after 10 minute (15 - 5)...and this is a problem i think.


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  • Dailynista_Jeff

    Hi there,

    If you would like to achieve the ability for your to call start a timer after the 2nd participant has joined the call, you would need a listener to respond to the joined event, count the people in the call, and once all the parties are present use setTimeout() to determine the length of time before the parties are ejected from the call. This can be used with knocking and tokens, so you won't run into any issue combining them.