How to give permissions to a person other than owner of a meeting ?

Karthik Member

We have a requirement, that is, a specific person other than the owner should have the ability to mute the video and audio of other participants. But I see in the documentation, we need to give the permissions to that person in order to do so. can you please let me know how to give the permissions to the person?


  • In a Daily call you can have more than 1 person designated as an owner. So you can achieve what you are trying to do with meeting tokens:

    The specific person who needs to be able to mute or kick others off would need to join the call with a token that contains is_owner set to true. I also found this guide helpful if you are new to using meeting tokens:

    Maybe the only other thing to remember is that you can't upgrade someone from a regular participant to an owner once they are in the call. So if you have someone in your call and then you want to make them be able to mute others or eject others, you'll have to call leave, then join them again with an is_owner = true token.

    but yeah the way would be to also make them an owner