[Cloud recording] Changing the content-type in recording files on s3

Hi. We are using cloud recording in our current project and everything works great except for one thing. The content-type of each recorded file is binary/octet-stream. Would it be possible to have a header added when uploading the file stating that Content-type: video/mp4?

Thanks in advance!


  • nina
    nina Community Manager, Moderator, Dailynista admin

    Hi @Kamil_Gwizdz! We've pinged our recording and streaming team, and will follow up shortly!

  • rajneesh
    rajneesh Dailynista

    Thanks @Kamil_Gwizdz . We will look into it.

    Can you provide more context, how is the contentType affecting your workflow ?

  • i have a similar issue. I give permissions to Daily to save recordings on my S3 bucket, but it has no format. How could i config Daily to save recordings with mp4 format?

  • Tasha
    Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin

    Hi @Ismael

    Thanks for bringing this up! It's true that right now, recording files do not show a file extension when saved to an S3 bucket. However, Daily engineers are working to make sure this info is added to files in the future. Once that work is complete, I'll post an update here.

    In the meantime, here is some info that I hope helps:

    • The files are in .mp4 format
    • If you are using these files with another application, the application may automatically detect the file type even though no extension is visible.
    • If the application does not detect the file type automatically, you can download the files, then programmatically add the .mp4 file extension to them before using them with another application.

    If you try this and it doesn't work for you, let us know what you need to do with the files and we'll help you figure out how to proceed.

  • rajneesh
    rajneesh Dailynista


    We have added support for recordings_template this allows you to name the files in custom bucket as per your application need - https://docs.daily.co/reference/rest-api/your-domain/config#recordings_template

    also content-disposition can also be set as per application need -