I turn on my mic, but my camera is affected, why?

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Good day daily bros, I have used the demos and I have used the same code to turn on my mic, the classic two lines of codes (with Vue btw) :

const audioOn = this.callObject.localAudio();

This works of course, but it's weird because my camera turns on, There is no video, just the little light of the camera of the laptop shines (when you try to turn on the cam that's the behavior of the laptop). Have some of you experimented the same behavior? This is happening also with the same code of all the different demos. It happens with linux, windows too.

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  • kwindla
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    For historical reasons having to do with browser support, by default we enable the camera hardware device when we enable the mic (but don't wire up a video stream).

    This is easy to change, though. When you create the call object, pass this argument into your properties object:

    { dailyConfig: experimentalChromeVideoMuteLightOff: boolean }

    Despite the "experimental" in the name, this property has been in use for several years! So it's stable and you can rely on it. I think we will likely make this the default at some point in the future.