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Is it possible to intergrate Daily prebuilt in Webflow+Memberstack to allow different admin users to set up their own independent calls/rooms with other users?

If so, any guidance and resources around it would be appreciated a lot

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    I have been experimenting with integrating webflow + Memberstack + Airtable to create a marketplace platform where users can initiate daily calls with other users based on their designated level or tier. The solution utilizes the Memberstack API to match users according to their level or tier and then synced with Airtable. The user IDs are then pulled from Airtable to facilitate the scheduling of calls between the users. I have established separate Airtable bases and have been learning how to utilize the APIs of all three platforms(Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable). While the project is still ongoing, I anticipate sharing updates and additional information when it is completed. This approach allows for the implementation of a fully functional marketplace through a combination of no-code and low-code methods. I would appreciate any suggestions or guidance on how to optimize this solution.


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    Hey @heyrafikiorg ; I don't have much experience with Webflow + Memberstack myself, but we have this blog post about embedding Daily calls into a Webflow site. Maybe it can be a starting point while I dig around for more info about Webflow and Memberstack specifically.

    Some general thoughts on room creation in the meantime: this can be done either through the Daily dashboard or within your application by making a POST request to the API `/rooms` endpoint: https://docs.daily.co/reference/rest-api/rooms/create-room

    If Webflow has some sort of server-side component, this would be done there. Otherwise, you may end up having a separate server component for the client to call out to with their authentication credentials of some sort (presumably obtained through Memberstack) to make sure the request is being made by an admin.

  • Thanks for the response and the resources shared!

    Lemme dig deeper into it as well. If you come across further resources or guidance around it do share; will really appreciate it.

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    Sounds good, curious to hear what you find! I've put it on our list of topics to explore and produce some code samples/tutorials for in the future.