Voice Isolation

It would be nice if there was an option to isolate your voice so there are no background noises

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  • vr000m
    vr000m Dailynista
    edited November 2022

    We are working on background noise suppression, early demos show promising results. We are working through enabling this on daily-js and prebuilt-ui. Unfortunately, I do not have a beta roll out date, as yet. Nonetheless, just wanted to say that we will have updates on this shortly.

    cc: @chad

  • @vr000m thank you!

  • reeceatkinson
    reeceatkinson Member
    edited March 2023

    @vr000m hey! Any update on this? I noticed that when adding background blurs (via the callFrame method) it has an option for voice cancellation but not sure if it is this and if it can be enabled.

  • vr000m
    vr000m Dailynista

    Hi @reeceatkinson, we are officially launching the noise cancellation and related features in early April 2023. We will be releasing more information closer to that date. However, I'd encourage reaching out to help[at]daily.co to check if you can get early access.