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I've been asked the below and wondered the same thing about local recordings. Any ideas?:

Eventually, I must run out of either RAM or HD space, right?

If I recorded for 24 hours straight, what would happen? What happens if I refresh the browser or lose my connection during a recording?


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  • daily_joey
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    Hi Reece!

    Local recording data is stored in the device browser storage while in progress, and is finalized and saved when the recording is stopped. There is a limit imposed by the browser, which is based on factors like the available amount of RAM or disk space, so there is an upper limit but it varies from device to device. For a typical recording, you can expect about 0.5-1GB per hour of duration, so recording for 24 hours locally probably isn't possible for size reasons alone.

    Additionally, local recording is only available on specific desktop browsers. This would require the browser window to remain active the entire time, with no network interruptions or CPU usage outside the browser that would interfere with the encoding of the media. File size concerns aside, it should technically be possible to record for that long, but there's a lot of places for things to go wrong.

    For reliable recording that doesn't tax a single user's CPU or network connection, we recommend checking out our cloud recording offerings 😉