Does P2P & SFU comply for ehelse, norweigian compliance ?

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    Hi there,

    Compliance for video calls in the health care sector in Norway is detailed in the Normen fact sheet no 54, available at

    The original version of the fact sheet published in 2017 stipulated that only end-to-end encrypted video calls were allowed. This would mean you would need to use P2P calls on the Daily platform. However, as part of an update in 2020 they also allow calls that are not end-to-end encrypted. Instead, in this case they rely on you doing a risk assessment of the setup.

    This means that you can currently either do P2P or SFU calls and still be compliant for health care in Norway. My recommendation would be that you stick to P2P unless you need any of the additional features you can get with SFU calls. (larger calls, server side recording etc.)

    (Also happy to expand in a call if you like.)

    -- Svein Willassen, Daily

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    Hi Svein,

    Thank you for resolving our doubt :)

    We will get in touch with you if we would need more assistance.

    -- Vaibhav, Agilis