Weekly Update: conferences, demos & nostril blur 🎤 💻 😄

Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
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This week we look forward to two conferences where peers connect IRL and online:

⛷️ Slush is a startup and tech event held annually in Helsinki.

  • On Friday, @Jon @Dom & @vr000m will be at the Daily booth demoing WebRTC APIs. I’ll keep an eye out for any recordings from the conference and post the links here.

🤓 The Kranky Geek WebRTC Show is happening on Thursday and you can join online for free. This year's lineup of speakers includes Daily engineer, @pauli who will be demonstrating compositing in the cloud at 13:10 ET.

➡️ Speaking of demos, what would you like to see demonstrated? 

  • Post your requests in the comments and I’ll work with the team at Daily to make some videos for you.

🙏 Thanks for posting your thoughts on head-to-background ratio last week.  My vote for best comment goes to, “always activate nostril blur”.

I’ll see you in the forum,