WebRTC Community Update: MacOS Ventura edition!

daginge Moderator, Daily Alumni

Hot off the press a new edition of our WebRTC Community update!

In this out-of-our-usual-schedule-post, we bring you a heads up on a serious MacOS Ventura bug for screen sharing!

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MacOS Ventura’s Stage Manager breaks screen sharing in Chrome

MacOS Ventura was just released, bringing with it new features, and as is tradition, exciting new ways WebRTC can fail!

Our good friend Tomás Gutiérrez Meoz at Tribe was the first to alert us to this bug: If you share a window when using Stage Manager in MacOS using Chrome, and switch away from that window (say, back to your browser window), the screen share shows only a static and quite garbled image of your screen share.

In addition, your users will be presented with the exciting opportunity to share App Icons as well as regular windows in the screen share dialog.

We were able to isolate this issue and post a bug to the Chrome bug tracker. The Chrome team is aware of the issue and will hopefully issue a fix soon.

We doubt this will cause a lot of friction for users though, as Stage Manager is quite a new feature and must be explicitly turned on. In addition, new MacOS releases have pretty slow uptake, and there is ample opportunity for bug fixes to go out before this ever becomes a big problem.

However, if you have users hitting this issue, the best way to help them is to turn off Stage Manager, which can be done from the Control Panel:

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