How to use micAudioMode: 'music', in join() method while joining?

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I have set micAudioMode: 'music' while creating callObject and it did not worked.

Later as suggested in the community, I use musicMode: 'music' while creating callObject and it worked.

but when I set micAudioMode: 'music' in join() method and it did not work,

and also I have checked with musicMode: 'music' in join() method and it also did not work


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  • mattieruth
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    not if you provided it as part of the constructor properties (or did a preAuth call with it). Essentially, yes, a url is required but not necessarily as part of the join call. Hope that helps and doesn't further confuse you.


  • Hi! I just tested this in my own setup and was able to see musicMode work on join:

    call.join({url: ROOM_URL, dailyConfig: {musicMode: 'music'}});

    Is it possible you were not in sfu mode at the time? We only support music mode when in an sfu topology.

    ❗️ Also, an update on musicMode vs. micAudioMode: The fix has been merged and will go out in 0.33.0 (should go out this week or early next week) so remember to change back your use of musicMode to micAudioMode when you upgrade to that version.

  • Hi! I have used only this

    call.join({dailyConfig: {musicMode: 'music'}});

    is it mandatory to use url?