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I've been following the documentation for 'storing recordings in a custom s3 bucket' (

First three steps clear, however a bit unclear from at the fourth - 'configuring your Daily domain or room to store recordings in S3'.

Has anyone seen a video of someone executing this step, or any more detailed documentation? (more a question about the steps / flow / structure than how to execute an API - I'm not exactly technical but I know how to work with APIs / Webhooks using and AWS API Gateway)

Any guidance appreciated, thanks!

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  • daily_joey
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    Configuring the recording destination would be done via the REST API, either when creating a room or updating an existing one. You can also setup S3 recording for the entire domain.

    The docs have example cURL requests for setting the destination at either the room or domain level, but the properties should be the same for different REST API methods. To confirm that a room is configured correctly, you can use the Dashboard to check the settings for each room, or check the API logs for your domain.

    If you'd like all cloud recordings to be saved to the same bucket, you should only need to set the recording destination once, at the domain level. If you need to use different setting per room, you'll need to include the destination in the room's properties each time.

    Is there a specific error you're getting when trying to set the S3 properties?


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    Ok this sounds like it might be exactly what I needed to hear. I'll have a tinker with the above in mind. I'm ok with running the API so there isn't a specific error per se, it was more about understanding when to trigger the API. I think you've given some clarity there. Thanks for the response @dailynista. Let me have a look and I'll come back to share how it went.

  • Josh23

    Ok worked - just ran the domain level API call through Postman once and the files now get sent to s3 automatically, thank you so much for that @daily_joey! 🎉