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We've just switched over to the Daily Hooks library and it's great! But it got me thinking... It would be amazing if Daily provided a video + audio component for React.

Across the Daily demos, there are so many different ways that video and audio is used. Each with differing best practices and browser hacks.

For example:

* Using persistentTracks vs not

* Extra checks for Chrome92 to call video.load

* Using addEventListener("canplay") vs autoPlay

* Combining audio streams vs creating an audio element for each stream

* Chrome workarounds, iOS workarounds etc.

One DailyVideo + DailyAudio component would be so good, so I can rip out my crappy hacks and use your best practice hacks :)

Anyway, thanks for the awesome platform!

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  • christian
    christian Dailynista

    Hey @milo,

    thank you for the great feedback!

    Good news: this is already in our pipeline and we're actively working on DailyVideo and DailyAudio components, which intend to do exactly what you're proposing! The components will be based on Daily Prebuilt's implementation, so they're battle-tested and include our best version of implementing audio and video with daily-js and daily-react-hooks!

    Stay tuned!

  • milo

    Rockstars! Let me know if you need a beta tester :)