How to use micAudioMode only for screenAudio

Hi.... I would like to set 'micAudioMode: music' only for screenAudio. can you tell me how to do it?

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  • mattieruth
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    Hi! Thanks for the question. At this time, turning on music mode will change the mode for all outgoing audio and we do not support setting it on a per-track basis. That said, this just so happened to come up in internal discussions recently and would be possible to support. I’ll add it to our list of feature requests and update this thread if/when we schedule this work.


  • svm_agilis
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    Hi...! @mattieruth


    I have two questions

    1. I would like to improve the audio quality of screen sharing. can you please tell me how can I do that. are there any audio constraints that I can apply?
    2. I have set 'micAudioMode: music' while creating callObject. but I could still see that in chrome://webrtc-internals the screen share audio uses only 32kbps instead of '256kbps' as mentioned in docs when micAudioMode set to music. can you please tell me how to check if this 'micAudioMode: music' set propely?
  • See here where I think I answered this question in your other post. Let me know if I'm mis-reading your question.