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Tasha Community Manager, Dailynista admin
edited October 2022 in Announcements

October is here and I’m guessing that you are either feeling like:

😭 summer is over, or 

🎃 it's pumpkin spice time, or

🤔 meh, we don’t have seasons like that where I live

Regardless, the beginning of October queues the start of Q4 2022. A new quarter can bring fresh energy, and we're for it!

This week on peerConnection

In case you missed it, these convos are still going on:

  • Daily founder and chief engineer, Kwin shares his take on Cloudflare’s recent announcement. Join the discussion!
  • Hello darkness, my old friend (or: client-side handling of access tokens). Tell us what you think!
  • Acronym SOS - there’s only a few more that need to be identified. Can you help?

Have a great week! I’ll see you in the forum.

-Tasha, Community Manager